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Debt Recovery & Insolvency

Chasing outstanding debts can be a frustrating and time consuming experience. Fortunately, there are a number of initial steps that can be taken to recover debts without the need to be involved in costly litigation before a court or tribunal.

Our debt recovery service is efficient and cost effective. We offer fixed fee and staged fee services wherever possible for peace of mind and certainty.  

Our litigation lawyers focus on debt disputes, enforcement of money orders and bankruptcy and insolvency. These services include:

  • recovering a debt 

  • negotiating a debt

  • defending a debt

  • bankruptcy and insolvency.

We can help you to recover your debt by taking the steps the below.

  1. Sending the debtor a solicitors letter of demand indicating that legal action may ensue to recover the debt plus interest and legal costs if the debt is not paid within a stipulated time frame (typically 14 days);

  2. Negotiating a settlement if the debtor is responsive;

  3. Commencing proceedings in court to recover the full amount plus interest and legal costs by filing and serving a claim and statement of claim (or assisting you with commencing proceedings in QCAT if the debt is $25,000 or less - typically legal representation is not permitted in QCAT but we can help you prepare the application and guide you through the process);

  4. Obtaining a judgment in your favour then undertaking enforcement of that judgment in the court or with a statutory demand or bankruptcy notice; and

  5. Bankrupting the debtor if an individual or winding them up if it is a company. 

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